The golden dreams
of Alice

Once upon a time there was a casket full of precious jewels, each one different from the others.

Alice Baby
The original one

From the very first days together to their graduation day, there are so many occasions to make children discover the magic hidden in a little jewel. Alice Baby captures them with a collection dedicated to those special moments worth celebrating with a little gift.

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Alice First
The first diamond

Alice First was created to show how brilliant and beautiful this world can be. The first diamond becomes a perfect gift to celebrate special occasions in a child’s life and the important milestones of growth.

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Alice's coccinelle
The super light collection

A versatile piece of jewellery for everyday life. The world becomes radiant and colourful with Alice’s Coccinelle, thanks to many nice friends and accessories that will fill children’s hearts with joy and lightheartedness.

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Alice Young
The emotion of growing up

Alice follows the growth of our children and our beloved ones, from their teens to adulthood, because you’re never too old for a bit of magic. You just have to believe.

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Alice Silver
Silver dreams

All the shapes you could wish for, made of elegant silver. Shiny dreams as a gift for the little ones and the not-so-little.

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Alice, a guarantee of quality

Alice is not only a ”brand”, but also a guarantee of tradition, attention to detail and valuable handmade finishing. A little elegant mark is visible on all jewels to certify the quality and authenticity of Fab Gobbetti’s production. 100% Made in Italy.

Why choose our products?

Authentically Italian artisan manufacturing
Our pieces are the result of generations of experience of our artisans and production is 100% Made in Italy.
A wide range of products, from 0 to 18 years old
A wealth of preciousness for all ages: we love making everyone happy, children and mothers.
Safety first, so we only use non-toxic materials
from our hypoallergenic enamels to our hand decoration.