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The original one

From the very first days together to their graduation day, there are so many occasions to make children discover the magic hidden in a little jewel. Alice Baby captures them with a collection dedicated to those special moments worth celebrating with a little gift.

Bracelets, pendants, earrings, necklaces and rings - all hand decorated and painted - with hypoallergenic enamel, because we want to ensure all our pieces are safe for children and grown ups alike.

The very first moments together are truly unique and worthy of celebration. Why not do that with our little treasures? It is a symbol of the love that surrounds them and it will become a lasting memory of their loved ones. Because a jewel is truly forever.


A piece of jewellery to accompany her during her games as a princess or, why not, a little artist or pet lover. We let her imagination run free, surrounding her with the sparkle from our jewellery.


Sailor, pilot, football player- ..what will he be? If it’s too early to know the answer, it’s not too early to help his imagination fly. Our little jewels are a starting point for dreams and missions to be accomplished in the future, with colours and shapes for all occasions.

Alice, a guarantee of quality

Alice is not only a ”brand”, but also a guarantee of tradition, attention to detail and valuable handmade finishing. A little elegant mark is visible on all jewels to certify the quality and authenticity of Fab Gobbetti’s production. 100% Made in Italy.