Discover the tale of

The emotion of growing up

Alice follows the growth of our children and our beloved ones, from their teens to adulthood, because you’re never too old for a bit of magic. You just have to believe.


From little girls to young women, Alice Young is by their side all the way, with endless options for customised pieces of jewellery.

A wide range of little treasures to make them feel grown up already.

Teenagers are the target audience for our Young collection, which covers many products with simple and modern shapes.

The collection meets every need – even for the most refined tastes.

Mothers deserve particular attention. Alice Young is for those who want to feel beautiful – and enhance their beauty further with an Alice piece of jewellery.

Alice, a guarantee of quality

Alice is not only a ”brand”, but also a guarantee of tradition, attention to detail and valuable handmade finishing. A little elegant mark is visible on all jewels to certify the quality and authenticity of Fab Gobbetti’s production. 100% Made in Italy.