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The super light collection

A versatile piece of jewellery for everyday life. The world becomes radiant and colourful with Alice’s Coccinelle, thanks to many nice friends and accessories that will fill children’s hearts with joy and lightheartedness.

Bracelets, pendants, earrings, necklaces and rings -– all hand decorated and painted with hypoallergenic enamels. Why? Because we want all our pieces to be safe for children and grown-ups alike.

A world of fantasy and colours, to be lived with lightness. The little trinkets in the collection inspire them to fly on the wings of imagination with joy and wonder.


Jewels that come alive from the hands of our skilled artisans, suitable for any budget. The Coccinelle collection is perfect for this reason: the light weight means the products are not only super-wearable, but super-affordable, too.


The pieces in this collection come in ladybug-shaped packaging, making the pieces even more unique. We believe that it’s our attention to detail – first on the jewellery, and then on its packaging – that makes this collection so special.

Alice, a guarantee of quality

Alice is not only a ”brand”, but also a guarantee of tradition, attention to detail and valuable handmade finishing. A little elegant mark is visible on all jewels to certify the quality and authenticity of Fab Gobbetti’s production. 100% Made in Italy.